Fifth MTMarathon - MTMarathon'2010

LIUM - University of Le Mans

The Machine Translation Marathon 2010, organised by the LIUM and the University of Le Mans on behalf of the EuroMatrixPlus Consortium, is the fifth in a series of MT Marathons organised by the EU EuroMatrix and EuroMatrixPlus research projects on Machine Translation.

The EuroMatrixPlus consortium invites researchers, developers, students, and users of machine translation for participation. If you are here, you probably want to have more details about the content of this event.

People may participate in several ways at this fifth MT Marathon, all of which are mentionned in the programme :

There is no fee to participate to MT Marathon, you just have to pay for your lodging and food.
There is no need to submit a paper at PBML for comming to the MT Marathon.

Registration is now open. Be aware that the number of participants is strictly limited to 100 people !