Fifth MTMarathon


Main features

The MT Marathon consists of several events taking place at the same place to allow for free flow of thoughts and exchange of information and experience: an summer school with associated lab lessons, invited research talks, presentations of new open source machine translation tools.

The attendance of the MT Marathon is free of charge. However, the number of participants is strictly limited to 100 people.


The summer school will offer lectures on: Each lecture will be accompanied by an afternoon lab session, in which participants will implement basic methods or work through hands-on tutorials on installing, training, and using statistical machine translation toolkits.

Open Source convention

The open source convention allows participants in small groups to work on projects that advance existing machine translation tools, integrate new features, find new uses for machine translation, etc.

To give examples, recent projects included:


Participants are encouraged to propose projects that could be carried out in small groups within the six days of Marathon. A project proposal form is available on the Projects page. The main developers of the Moses and Joshua toolkits will attend the workshop, organise projects, and assist with extending these toolkits.

Call for papers - Open Source tools for Machine Translation

A separate call for papers describing open-source tools and technologies has been disseminated. For further details go to the Call for Papers page.

Program Committee:

Holger Schwenk
Patrik Lambert
Loïc Barrault
Kashif Shah