Fifth MTMarathon


Some changes may occur, so stay tuned !

Lectures :

L1 : Adam Lopez Introduction and Machine Translation Evaluation pdf
L2 : Patrik Lambert // Nicola Bertoldi Word-based Models and Word Alignment pdf // Language Modeling (part 1) pdf
L3 : Nicola Bertoldi // Barry Haddow Language Modeling (Part 2) pdf // Phrase-based Models and Modeling (part 1) pdf
L4 : Barry Haddow // Adam Lopez Phrase-based Models and Modeling (part 2) pdf // Syntax-based Models pdf
L5 : Jean Sénellart Rule-Based Machine Translation

Talks :

T1 : Mark Fishel CorporAl: a Method and Tool for Handling Overlapping Parallel Corpora pdf
T2 : Andreas Eisele MT Server Land: An Open-Source MT Architecure pdf
T3 : Gideon Maillette de Buy Wenniger Tree Alignment Visualization Tools for Statistical Machine Translation pdf
T4 : Stephan Peitz A Guide to Jane, an Open Source Hierarchical Translation Toolkit pdf
T5 : Philipp Koehn An Experimental Management System pdf
T6 : Jesus Gimenez Asiya: An Open Toolkit for Automatic Machine Translation Evaluation pdf